Current Election Information

City of Tucson Elections

General Election:  November 2, 2021

City of Tucson qualified electors will elect Council Members representing Ward 3, Ward 5 and Ward 6 and will vote on two ballot propositions..  


City of Tucson elections are run entirely by mail.   Eligible voters will automatically receive ballots about one month before Election Day 

General elections are city-wide.   All voters may vote for all candidates and propositions.

The Prop;ositions

Fight for $15 - a citizen initiative that would set the Tucson minimum wage at $15,to be implmented in stages.  The Democratic Party strongly supports this item and you are urged to help spread the word.  

Increase in Salaries

A citizens' commission recommended that salaries be increased for the time in over 15 years.  Mayor's salary would increase from $42,000 to $54,000.  Council salaries would increase from $24,000 to $38,000 per year. 


The Candidates


Ward 3: 

Kevin Dahl (D). 

Alan Harwell (Rep)

Lucy LiBosha (Ind)


Ward 5:

   Richard Fimbres (D) is uncontested. 


Ward 6:  

Steve Kozachik (D)

Val Rmero (Ind)  

    Facebook: Val Romero for Council



Arizona Daily Star Interviews

The Star will be holding a series of zoom interviews with candidates and proposition proponents and opponents.  Participate at Star Interviews