Welcome to Democratic Legislative District 3

Mission and Goals

"Our mission is to promote the Democratic Party and its principles, ideals and candidates through fundraising, voter outreach and registration, education, and community service"


Justice for All Initiative

LD 3 strongly supports the Justice for All Initiative

which would have Pima County develop a program to provide

legal aid to immigrants seeking green cards and citizenship.

We urges all PCs and volunteers to help

gather signatures.

See Justice for All

Welcome to LD 3.  

Eva Carrillo Dong, Chair

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Redistricting is Here!

Every 10 years the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission redraws all the Congressional and Legislative District lines.  The changes proposed for District 3 may change who represents you even if your favorite is re-elected.  Some changes would put parts of LD 3 in a district with Yuma or even with northern Pinal County all the way to the Maricopa County boundary.  

New Redistricting Alert on how the proposed new districts will affect Pima County,

Last Public Hearing

Dec. 4, 2021   10:00 a.m.

Sheraton Hotel

7060 S. Tucson Blvd

It is possible that location and date/time may change with short notice.

Check here for the latest information